How to paste non-woven fabric?

2019-03-16 14:14:03

Nonwoven decoration time will be used, of course, in the construction time, we must follow the correct construction steps, so that the construction effect will be better. Many people do not have construction experience, want to save part of their construction costs, but do not know the right way to lay and some needs to pay attention to the achievements, small editions are introduced to you one by one.

Jiangmen Agricultural Non-woven Fabric

First, the correct way of laying non-woven wallpaper is as follows

1. The wall surface should be flat, clean and dull. The average color is different. There should be no gap and unequal convex and concave defects. Before construction, the wall surface should be treated with base film (varnish).

2. Set up the wallpaper according to the running number of the wallpaper, measure the height of the wallpaper, and stop cutting the wallpaper according to the height of the wallpaper, and cut a roll of wallpaper at a time to avoid showing quality results.

3. The glue for sticking non-woven wallpaper must be brushed on the wall evenly. The thickness of the glue should be 2 mm. Never brush the glue indirectly on the back of the non-woven fabric, let alone soak and wet. Unlike other wallpapers, non-woven fabrics should be thicker and thicker than other wallpapers, which will reduce their mobility.