What's the difference between antimicrobial nonwovens and ordinary nonwovens?

2019-03-16 14:19:56

After sizing the general non-woven fabric, let the general non-woven fabric have anti-bacterial additives, and then baked, so that the anti-bacterial additives fixed on the appearance of non-woven fabric, can make the general non-woven fabric with anti-bacterial function.

Non-woven fabric antimicrobial is to add antimicrobial agents to non-woven fabrics, so that non-woven fabrics in a certain time, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae and viruses will grow or multiply below the necessary level. Ambitious antimicrobial additives must be safe, non-toxic, with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, strong antimicrobial effect, small dosage, will not cause skin allergies or damage, can not affect the function of non-woven fabrics, do not affect the dyeing and processing of general textiles. Research on antimicrobial agents is mainly concentrated on natural and organic antimicrobial agents. Natural antimicrobial agents are relatively simple to obtain, have good antimicrobial effect, have no effect on human body, have no effect on skin, and are safe and reliable. And organosilicon has better antimicrobial and washing resistance, which has a bright future. At present, the antimicrobial rate of organic silicone quaternary ammonium salt is 99.9%.

Antibacterial agents play an important role in preventing diaper dermatitis. With the advent of new antimicrobial agents and the presentation of new antimicrobial skills, the continuous development of new antimicrobial cleaning, the antimicrobial treatment of diapers, there will be greater development, diaper dermatitis for infants can be better prepared!

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The difference between nano-anti-bacterial non-woven fabric and general non-woven fabric

The antimicrobial principle of nano-antimicrobial nonwoven fabrics is to fix antimicrobial agents on fabrics with nano-skills. Nano-anti-bacterial non-woven fabric has the antimicrobial effect that general non-woven fabric does not have. It has a certain resistance to external bacteria. If there are fewer bacteria that can enter the body, the disease will be less or not, so it will still have certain benefits. However, most of the advertisements say that the antimicrobial effect is much better, how to use it will not reduce the antimicrobial effect is somewhat exaggerated, generally speaking, cleaning and exposure will reduce its antimicrobial effect, the quality is not good, wash two or three times the antimicrobial effect is not good, good is more than a dozen times. In addition, generally speaking, we do not have to wear anti-bacterial clothing to prevent disease, wearing is also a little more comfortable, the real disease prevention is still through exercise.

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Rhein science and technology adheres to the concept of "anti-bacterial protection", and has established a high-quality research team, independently developed the broad-spectrum bacteriostasis of non-woven fabric, giving non-woven fabric a new bacteriostasis characteristics, long-term bacteriostasis, more safe and gentle to the human body. This has become a sophisticated patented skill of Rhein Technologies.