What type of ink is used for non-woven printing?

2019-03-16 14:19:23

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of non-woven printing, one is water-based elastomer, the other is ink. So what kind of oil film does non-woven bag usually use?

First of all, water-borne elastomeric paste is almost used for printing on ordinary non-woven bags. The greatest feature of this water-borne elastomeric paste is that it has obvious concave and convex effect after printing, and has good covering rate, water resistance, and basically no odor. Ink is commonly used in screen printing of ordinary objects, such as the surface of metal boxes and so on. The greatest feature of this printing process is that it has good covering rate, water resistance and basically no odor. That is, the printing accuracy is high.

So what is the reason why nowadays non-woven bags almost choose water-borne elastomer?

Jiangmen Agricultural Non-woven Fabric

1. Different from the appearance of ordinary objects, the mesh of cloth is larger than that of ordinary ones. If the covering rate is not good, that is to say, after printing, a lot of cloth's own background color will be revealed. This printing effect will be ugly. Therefore, because of the appearance of cloth itself, water-borne elastomer is adopted.

2. Water-borne elastomer is a kind of relatively environmentally friendly ink, and there is no odor at all. So, since we are making non-woven environmental protection bags, of course, we should choose environmentally friendly ink.